Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Birthday Boy - Matt Smith

Happy 27th birthday to Doctor Who-elect Matt Smith, currently filming his first full series to be shown next year.

Smith was a shock choice to land the role of the much-loved time traveller, being so young and fairly inexperienced. It's not the quantity of roles that matters, though, it's the quality of them. Smith has crammed some impressive starring roles into his 5 years as an actor, notably the Sally Lockhart Mysteries, Party Animals, The Street and Moses Jones.

Party Animals was an excellent, but short lived, BBC drama from 2007. It followed the lives and loves of an opposing Labour and Conservative MP, their researchers and assorted hangers-on. As well as Smith, it also starred up-and-coming actors Andrea Riseborough and Andrew Buchan.

In this scene which opened the first episode, MPs Jo Porter (Raquel Cassidy, Lead Balloon) and James Northcote (Patrick Baladi, The Office) are debating in the House of Commons. Porter comes off worse and researcher Danny (Smith) knows why...

(Warning for the easily offended: contains a little bit of effing and jeffing.)

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