Sunday, 14 February 2010

Happy "Oh Well It's Only Exploitation By The Card Companies" Day

If you're not feeling too loved-up today, you have my sympathy. I'm not, either. Please accept this Anti-Valentine's token from the hottest blog of the year, Sleep Talkin' Man.

If you're not familiar with the blog, Adam Lennard the Sleep Talkin' Man is a mild mannered advertising accounts manager by day, a potty-mouthed, vegetarian-hating, badger-loving surrealist in his sleep. Now every night his wife Karen records his ramblings and posts them up the next morning.

I should warn you his site is VERY rude. Please don't visit if you're offended by very strong (albeit hilarious) language.

I'm doing some typography for a mystery project the couple are planning, so here's one of his typically romantic outbursts illustrated for your Valentine's Day pleasure. Click on this image to see the rest of the quote (I've cleaned it up a bit!)

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