Wednesday, 26 May 2010

The Grand Opening

As I mentioned last time, I've been beavering away on some new product designs and now is the proud moment I can launch them for you to buy.

This time around, I'm going to be selling them through Zazzle, who offer a fantastic, flexible approach to handling lots of different images on the same product.

So what images are they? Well this is an idea I've had in mind for ages, please welcome my first set of Scribble Flags!

Each design is given a lively, grungy texture by making it look like a quick doodle with an old pen or piece of chalk. They all come in a choice of backgrounds, either a neutral colour or one of the flag colours which gives the unique effect of knocking out part of the design. They all work brilliantly on their own or as a set of 4.

I've designed these flags to work on small round objects so I'm offering them for sale on a range of lapel badges, keyrings and fridge magnets. The badges come in a choice of 5 sizes, the magnets in a choice of 3.

I'm sure you'll love these flags just as they are but you've also got the freedom to customise them in lots of different ways, including adding text.

They're available for the UK, USA, France and Germany. Not your favourite places? Don't worry, these are just the first releases in the range. There'll be plenty more of the world's greatest countries added in the future. In fact why not let me know in the comment box which ones you'd like to see?

Through the Zazzle shop I'll be able to hand pick exactly which products best suit each design and display them all on one shopfront. So you'll always be spoilt for choice with a wide range of designs professionally printed onto just those goodies that show them off at their best.

With prices starting at just £1.45, this is a fun and affordable way to collect unique graphics that are not available in the shops or on any other website.

On the left of this page from now on you'll also see a random selection from the store, just click on it to see where it takes you.

Don't forget that the Café Press shops are also still open for business. Click the button of your favourite design on the left of this page and you'll see all the high quality clothes, gifts and homeware you can have it printed on.

So, in the absence of a minor celebrity, I'm taking the gold spray painted scissors, cutting the virtual ribbon and declaring my new Zazzle shop open!

Click on this picture to get you started.

God (or any other higher power you may or may not believe in) bless her and all who spend their lovely money in her.

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