Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Advent Calendar - December 1st

Welcome to the start of Val's Work In Progress Advent Calendar 2009!

Every day between now and the 25th (yep, I'll even be here Christmas Day) I'll be putting up a mystery link to a brilliant bit of Christmas-related art, design or media. It could be anything - a silly photo, a drool-inducing recipe, a classic video or a gift for the man/woman/child/pet who has everything.

So here to kick us off is one of the greatest ever pieces of marketing, which many people now consider to be the official start of Christmas (and which caused an outrage when it was dropped for a year in 2006).

Just click on the big number (designed © yours truly, by the way) and enjoy. Hint, there's more than 1 thing it links to, so let it run on.

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