Friday, 25 December 2009

Advent Calendar - December 25th

A little daft entry to end with today, but as it only does what it does this one day of the year, why not give it a look? So if you're trying this any other day, tough, you should have been here!

Click the... oh if you don't know what to do by now you never will.

A big big thank you to everyone who's visited my advent calendar this month. I hope you've enjoyed the treats I laid in wait for you. I'd better start searching for stuff to put in the next one, I've only got 11 months! (Oh and I haven't forgotten I've got 2 graphics to fix, I'll sort those out after Christmas and I'll let you know so you can see them. As well as on here, they're archived on my Facebook page.)

Join me after Christmas as I present my look back on the year and the decade. Follow me on Twitter and Facebook and you'll be the first to know when I update.

However you spend it, have a fantastic Christmas!

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