Sunday, 31 January 2010

Great Sitcom Characters - Ben & Sam

Here's a clip from one of my favourite sitcoms, Lead Balloon, featuring the brilliant scene-stealing characters Ben and Sam (Rasmus Hardiker and Antonia Campbell-Hughes). A self-indulgent post for the simple reason today is Rasmus' 25th birthday.

If you're not familiar with the show (then you're missing out), Sam is the daughter of Jack Dee's character Rick. Ben is her boyfriend (although I can't imagine them Doing It because that would require them finding some energy).

They're never in the show for more than a couple of minutes but every week they bumble in, scrounge all Rick's money and come up with half-hearted ideas for things to do. Sometimes I relate to these guys a bit TOO much!

All of this is made even funnier when delivered with Rasmus' laid-back Birmingham accent.

A 4th series has been promised and the series 3 DVD is well overdue, so I hope they hurry up. Funny BBC sitcoms are getting a bit thin on the ground, sadly.

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