Thursday, 21 January 2010

This Old Heart Of Mine

You've hopefully noticed that I'm in well into my Valentine's Day promotion. For this week and next, my Product Of The Day will be one of the gorgeous items featuring my heart design. How can you resist treating your special someone (or even yourself) to one of these beautiful unique gifts that just scream "I love you"?

The little thumbnails can't really do justice to the intricacy of this pattern, so here it is at a larger size. If you click on it you'll see it even larger and there you can admire it in all its glory.

You can probably work out it's based on the hearts in the "I 25.12/12.25" designs. When I first created them, I selected the six snowflakes from the Zapf Dingbats font then used a random number generator from Mrs Glosser's Math Goodies to decide which order they should go in (yes, even my randomness has to have some structure to it!) Once roughly placed, each snowflake was then rescaled to fit inside the "I " shapes so that they fitted together like a jigsaw but not sized too uniformly.

When it came to converting the pattern from Christmas to Valentine's Day, I replaced each snowflake with a heart from one of six different fonts (so snowflake A became heart A, snowflake B became heart B, etc). Again I had to manually resize them to perfectly interlock with each other.

Creating these hearts was a fiddly, time consuming process. It was all done with love though, so you can pass it on and show how much you love your special someone.

These designs are available nowhere else but through my shops, so you really will be getting something unique. Plus you'll have the lovely warm glow that can only come from helping an up and coming artist get off the dole queue. (Honestly, there really is no other feeling in the world as good as that.)

For delivery in time for Valentine's Day, I recommend ordering before Friday 29th January 2010.

To visit my Electric Hearts shop, click here or choose the button on the left hand side of this page. Of course all the other shops are still open, each with over 100 products that would make great Valentine's gifts.

So, go on, instead of those flowers or chocolates you normally buy, why not choose something extra special, not available in the High Street, which really says you've given your loved one some thought this year?

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