Sunday, 19 June 2011

A Friend In Need

UPDATE 23rd June 2011

I've taken the decision to remove this post.  Unfortunately I have not received a very good response to it and I'm not prepared to bare my soul and tell you lots of deeply humiliating personal secrets if it's just going to be met with a wave of apathy.

My circumstances are still pretty dire.  I'm currently appealing the decision that led me into trouble and I've managed to arrange a payment holiday on my loan, so hopefully that will help me along a bit.

I'll keep the payment button on my blogs and I would still ask you that if you enjoy anything you see on here or the Scrapbook then please try and find it in your heart to leave me a little donation.  Anything you could afford would be gratefully received and will be a massive boost towards getting my life back on track.

I would like to sincerely thank the few people who did come to my aid and offer help in various forms.  Your generosity will not go unrewarded and forgotten.  It's times like this you really get to learn who your friends are.

Thank you.

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