Monday, 4 July 2011

New Café Press Goodies - Part 2

As promised, the second part of my big Café Press overhaul is now complete, with another total of around 150 products added. So here's a look at the designs that have just been updated, with a few more picks of the best new clothes, gifts and homeware.

My cartoon animals look adorable on the latest baby clothes and accessories.

These wall stickers are a quick way to brighten up your kids' rooms. The large format (sizes in inches) shows off all the details of this cuddly giraffe.

This range of Thermos branded picnic ware is just the thing for a day out at your favourite beauty spot.

Some more of the new products. The laptop skins are fresh in store and have been added to all non-Christmas shops including those featured in my last update.

Don't forget this cute elephant!

All the designs are available on almost all the products and several of them come in different colour options. This gives you hundreds of choices across all the stores. Just pick the design you like, click its button on the left of this page and discover all the treats for yourself or a loved one.

The four Christmas designs will be getting their update in the autumn, in plenty of time for Santa.

Next up, I'm putting the finishing touches to three new flag designs. If you like the ones I've done so far, these are going to blow you away because they're the toughest ones I've done yet! They'll be added to my Zazzle store in a few days so watch out for that.

I'm also hoping to get my old scanner working so I can add lots of archive work to my portfolio. Let's hope it plays ball otherwise I'll have to lug all my sketchbooks and folders down the library!

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