Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Getting Dirty So Your Clothes Don't Have To

Café Press have added 3 new colours to their range of aprons so you can look extra stylish cooking your Christmas turkey/goose/vegtetarian alternative.

Khaki and lemon aprons have been added automatically to all shops.  To see them, click on the white apron in the Home & Office section and you'll see the other options. Select the colour of your choice and you'll then see what it will look like with my design printed on it. (Here's a clue - bloomin' gorgeous, that's what it'll look like!)

Aprons in white, khaki and lemon

Dark (navy blue) aprons are also available but I need to add these manually to the shops, so I'll be rolling them out along with the general update I told you about last week.  So far you'll find them in the heart, apple and beachball designs.

Navy blue aprons - turkeytastic!

All aprons are 31" long x 29" wide, made from 100% heavy cotton twill and are machine washable.  They feature a neck loop and waist-level drawstring.  Two generous pockets are fitted to hold your cooking utensils, paintbrushes, gardening tools or whatever other use you want to put them to.

At £14 for the light apron and £15 for the dark*, these are great value, hard-wearing and stylish. You'll stand out from the crowd in my eyecatching exclusive artwork and I won't even mind if you get gravy all down it, honest!

To visit the shops, just click on a design you like from the buttons on the left of this page.

* Prices are set in US$, prices in other currencies are based on the daily exchange rate and therefore may vary.

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