Monday, 23 November 2009

Happy Birthday Doctor Who

46 years ago today (which was a Saturday) the BBC aired the very first episode of its new family adventure series.  The story was about two school teachers becoming concerned about one of their pupils who was behaving oddly and giving her address as a place that didn't exist.  Deciding to tail her home, they discover her bizarre real life living in a police box with her crotchety grandfather.

In that moment, one of the greatest British icons of the twentieth century was born.

Sadly, the TV schedules were overshadowed by the tragic shooting of President John F Kennedy the day before, so the BBC took the wise decision to repeat episode 1 of Doctor Who the following Saturday, forming a double bill with episode 2.

In week 5 the Doctor's most famous enemy, the Daleks, made their first appearance and the series grabbed the public's imagination in a way very few shows have ever done, before or since.

So, performing my duty to show you the very best in art, design and media, here's that very first episode, An Unearthly Child, in all its YouTubed glory.  Compare and contrast with David Tennant to your heart's content.

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